Was it because I forgot to tell you
How amazing you looked the other day,
When you did your hair all up in curls?
Because I'm sorry,
I just had a lot on my mind.
Was it because Jen texted me?
Because all she wanted was Matt's number,
I promise,
I don't normally talk to her or other girls-
Only you.
I thought you might've left because of last month,
When I thought you said you'd make dinner,
So I didn't,
And I'm sorry you were looking forward to my famous lasagna,
And I'd make it for you again if you'd just come back.
Did you leave because I get sad sometimes?
Because I've been really trying to get better, babe,
I have.
It's been twenty-nine days,
And I still can't figure out why you left
And never never came back.
Just tell me why you never came back,
And I'll stop calling.
Just tell me where you went,
And I'll stop texting.
For a day I thought you didn't leave on purpose,
Because I saw your name on the news,
Next to a car wreck-
But I know that you would've told me why you were sitting passenger-side to Ryan,
And that couldn't have been you.
Because you said you and Ryan never talked anymore.
Ill be by the phone,
Because I know you'll call soon.
You have to call soon.

The End

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