Why is there death?

Why is there hurt?

Why must we feel these things?

Why do little children have to do battle with demons inside of them?

Fight for every day?

Why do tiny babies slip away,

Without a chance to really live?

Why are children left alone,

No one to love them,

Take care of them?

Why is there pain?

I can’t understand.



Why do our loved ones slip away,

No matter how tightly we hold on?

Why is there this emptiness inside of me,

Where so many people used to be?

Why did they leave?

Why did they have to go?

I don’t know the answers,

No where near understanding.

We live in a broken world,

That tears at our souls,

And that is all I know,

All I can understand.

There are three things I know.


That we all know pain.


Heart-rending pain.


You are willing to hold my hand,

Every time I reach out for you.

To comfort me when I feel there is no comfort to be found.


That there will be a day,

When pain will fade,

And those who trust you here in this life,

Will never know pain again.

These things I know.

And I still wonder,


The End

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