Who, What, Where, When

thinking and writing...

Who, what, where, when? I can't remember what's missing again.
I can answer some questions though, starting with "who" some answers I know.

Who is it that writes today? Just me here, and my mind's display.
Who is it that might read this? I'm guessing it's you, a mister or miss.
Who is it that feels so great? The in love, the happy, the one on a date.
Who is it that feels so sad? The depressed, broken or going mad.        
And what does who lead to?  The answer I'll just run through.

What are you doing reading as I write? Probably just surfing this wonderful site.
What is going on inside my mind? It's twisting and turning to find the right rhyme.
What is the weather outside like today? It was warm and sunny, but now a little grey.
What is happening in the world outside? It's much to big to tell, so far and wide. 
And where does what lead to? The answer I'll just run through.

Where are the worlds biggest problems? If I started a list I'd never reach the bottom.
Where should you be instead of reading? Doing something... maybe exceeding.
Where in the world is ... waldo? I'm not sure, do we ever really know?
Where is my favorite necklace I misplaced? If its not found it'll have to be replaced.
And when is where replaced aswell? This answer I'll just have to tell.  

When will I leave this poem and go? I dont know, it might take a bit since I'm so slow.
When will you get bored of me? Hopefully you'll finish this and then you're free.
When will the end of the world be? I don't really believe in it, but that's just me.
When will I remember what it is I forget? I'm thinking so hard I'm starting to sweat.

And of course, I just remembered. It's the why!
But for you I'll answer only one more question, something to think about, just as a suggestiong...
The question is my very own goodbye, can't you guess it? It's why.
My answer?  





Why not? 

The End

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