Who was Captain Hook?

This is basically my take on the story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook. A VERY free verse poem. Not exactly recent, but I decided to pull it out of my notebook for people to read, hopefully.

Peter Pan.
All children grow up.
Except for one.

He doesn't live in Neverland.
He's in the sick little corners of my mind,
Fluttering around with his little fairy.

He's my hopes and he's my dreams,
Lighting up the darkness with his grin.
Quite frankly, he reminds me of love,
Yet he annoys me.
His maniacal laughter irritates me to the point of...


I pity Captain Hook.
The guy's old, alone,
and still obsessed with the boy who never grew up.

Looking up at the skies for signs of the culprit to the crime,
The one who cut off his hand, a very vital organ,
and replaced it with a cold piece of metal.

Hook is empty, always searching.
For the one...
Who fed his hand to a hungry ticking timebomb of a crocodile.

The one who's living inside my head.

Peter Pan.
All children grow up,
Except for one.

He does not live in Neverland.
He lives in me.

The End

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