Who knows youMature

it about how people try to do this to be know by the society but they are not still recognized by the good work they do....

A man is known by the books he reads but who knows man.I have been working hard to bring the poor to the level of the rich BUT WHO KNOWS ME.

Who knows the man who helped that man to get a popular stand today to defend himself as rich man,I am not seen, i am not known, but i see myself seen by the society who don't recognize my good work done.SO WHO KNOWS ME.

I have shoot my lifes on screens and feel good within my heart because my soul congratulates me for doing what it pleases it soul too,passion is making me poor following  dreams up and down trying to be seen by what i do; but no man has never say good work done but all i hear is cut well done by directors.I AM STILL NOT KNOWN.

I hope and pray if i am seen or known by the world. May my  children hit the level to be seen and known by the good works they will do..I PRAY FOR THEM TO BE KNOWN.

Written By :KOFI TEE


The End

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