who knowsMature

When we parted, I still loved you. 

I still love you. 

I feel like a coward

I believed every word you said, 

like it was the first time hearing any of it. 

Hearing you say "I love you" tears me to pieces

The way you touched my cheek as I looked up to you,

so our eyes could meet. 

The way you grabbed my hand when I began trembling


Because of the words coming from your mouth. 

Those words, oh

they made me shake...

I'm scared...

Of the endless possibilities of what could happen next.

You have this over ruling control over me,

like I have no sense of direction around you.

Or even a fucking backbone...

and I knew it from the beginning. 

"I can't see my self with anyone else, but you"

You shouldn't have said that,

with two other hearts on the side. 

When we try for friends, but who are we kidding 

We are fools to our own hearts.

We don't even know what we want. 

I love you uncontrollably with a love that won't die and passion that won't burn,

but I don't want you. 

What kind of love is that?

The End

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