Fear, one more thing that grips my heart tight.

So.. I guess I have to write something. Well, I've been terrified lately, (anxiety tends to do that to you) and writing usually calms me down. Remember, feedback is always appreciated!

Fear is a stimulant.

It can wake you up,

Open your eyes and

Give you an advantage

In the fight. But,

(and there’s always a ‘but’)

It can also shut you down,

Force you to turn away

From the light and sit

In eternal darkness.

And though you might yearn

For more, fear would keep you

Paralysed, unable to move and

It could be the element that

Makes you lose the fight.

Humans have flaws, but the thing

Is, those flaws can be what saves

Us in the end. The reason they’re

Flaws, though, is the fact that

They are what makes us weak,

What dooms us and slams

Our defensive walls down.

It’s a trait that is always present,

Pulsing in our red blood and

Blue veins. Our hands

Are stained scarlet,

They are patterned with

Sickly blotches of that

Oh-so-crucial life fluid.

But I am innocent,

I am guilty, I am everything

Inbetween, I am a ship at

Shore, floating on the

Violent waves with no

Anchor. Fear is a stimulant,

It is an advantage and a disadvantage,

But it is, most of all, a constraint.

A straightjacket designed to hold

Us (me,) back. However, it can

Also open doors and trim shrubs

And create futures we thought

Were forever unattainable.

And it can push us to do

Our absolute best,

And oh, don't you see?

Fear is free.

The End

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