Who I Am

"Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to lean on."

Katerina- "I thought alot about my life. Where I'll go. Where I'll end up and in the end, I honestly don't know. I just feel like im running away."


They say, life is a mystery of what if's and where do I go from here.
That in every direction, every turn,
There is something to fight for and something to fear.
There's always and obstacle, a dead end.
What your trying to reach, is never near.
But you see it in sight,
And that's all you need to stand up and fight.


Michael- "Tell me, you've thought about it? It doesn't matter where you go so long as you get there and sometimes when you run, your running in the right direction."


I remember as my heart was in a struggle,
For truth and answers,
To questions that were always left hidden.
Left in the dark, a place forbidden.
And they never surfaced even when I looked ahead,
And It didn't matter what he said.
Because the truth never came.
There was no one but myself to blame.


I didn't look deep enough.
I didn't see past the dark, towards the light.
Every part of me just died, it was no longer worth the fight.
Not needing to look any longer.
And I knew deep inside,
I was wrong.
I was never that strong.


Katerina- "How do you know? I can't see it the way you do. The future, my future? Its a leaf in the wind, carried farther and farther away from reach. I can't...do this anymore."


Its the denial that comes before the storm.
When self loathing and hopelessness form.
Becoming one with pain filled words.
Because my heart continues to break.
Its to much to deal with, to take.
And as I find myself drifting farther into darkness,
His voice, gentle, so caring yet hard as stone,
Speaks in a different tone.
Speaking with truth and understanding.
Because out of all the things bad,
He was the good and everything right.
Whether it was a beautiful sunny day or dark cloudy night.


Michael- "I know, okay? The future is far away but it is there ready to be written in stone. Its the destiny we are given and we may not be able to see it but we do create it. Our choices, that is what defines us. Who we are and who we become. I see it, Kat....you have to see it."


I remember as my thoughts ran wild.
At the words spoken and the way it made sense.
The path I choose is one I decide,
And whether it is bleak, or bright,
Whether its pitch black,
It is how I set a course that is wrong or right.
And I understood at that moment,
That the pain and doubts would stay,
But as I go on to live each day like a new, all the negativity would fade away.

I see it now and I will change what I can,
Be what I was meant to be,
And see the better part of me.

Because that is the reason for all of this.
To be pushed and not break.
To realize what can be put at stake.
With a decision made poor.
And see how strong we are deep down at our core.

But it makes us stronger as we fail.
And wiser to tell the tail,
Of how a person overcame a challenge,
Beating the road to failure.
And riding waves of success.


Katerina- "Your right. I have to set things right. I got to make the right decisions. Only then will I know where ill end up and find the person im suppose to be. Look ahead, not back, stay on the correct track. Follow the wind of change and go toward the light at the end of the tunnel..."


Look to the light, not the dark.
Toward redemption, not the mark.
And fight your way to the top,
Never quit. Never stop.
Because that's who I am.

The End

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