Who I Am

I know who I am. I know what I want. I know right from wrong and never will I let someone keep me from doing what I want.

I am who I am

No one can change me

I know what I am heading for

So just please let me be

All the haters and liars with their words

Will soon just fly away like little chirping birds

My God knows what I want and what I'm after 

So what if I was born a bastard

I know what I want out of life 

And one day I will be a wife

My children will understand my riddles and rhymes

And understand the right way to make it through the hard times

When you work hard to begin

Soon in the end you will easily comprehend

Why the haters hated on you so hard

Thinking it will make you stop in your track 

But you don't...you keep moving to the end 

Never looking back

The End

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