Who Got Played

She played him, real good. But when he figured it out, he played back, and did a better job. Who's fooling who?


Who Got Played,

Wine, champagne, cocktails and fame so ready to be served.

                     Though I won’t be there, much ado, a seat is there reserved for you.                

The words I've said seem pointless now, without intent for gain.

But all the things I've said to you, they came as hollow in vain.

Of little worth you thought my words, my deeds held little value.

Your price was steep that is true, it's you I never knew.

I watched you play, you played so well, but you were playing checkers.

Unknown to you the whole time through, I was playing chess! 

                                                                                                                     ~ t.m.k.    \m/





The End

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