Who Dunnit?

A piece highlighting the utter stupidity of religion-based fighting. Based on the Godra riots of 2008. Please, read the author guidance for more information on this. I had wanted to spend more time on this, but with my exit from here, it seems I will not be able to do so. Apologies for its incomplete state.

Does it tell you, reverberate through your brain,
Does it keep you awake at night, the suffering you've caused?

Change your thinking, my friends, for you are the spark; you are the reason for it all.

Will it change anything, these glib words of yours?
You, you cannot lie, or make us fools-
Can't slip through this matter

You, who have always put us down- how could you put the blame on us?
Did your idols of gods not prevent such blasphemy, thou pagans?

O you meat-eaters, always caused it, the cruel and the unwanted
Your karma, your lies, your defiled religion will catch up to you

Providing the impetus, the spark, it is what you do, then put us in the wrong;
And then this flame, you bring upon our heads -disliked, unwanted.

You came into our country as pillagers, now watch your back-
Looting us, changing us, destroying us- wrecking our very lives,

Our many achievements, will, as always, be lost forever in history;
You will forever continue these injustices to us, and what for?
Branding us terrorists, your race will end up destroyed;


How could we let such differences come between us, the people of one land, one nation?
Creating chaos, widening gaps, claiming lives, just since we fail to see eye-to-eye?
Are we not all one?

The End

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