Who Are You?

When you just don't know...

Who are you?

You’re not her

But you’re not him either

Just who are you?!

In my mind

Can’t escape

From your torment

From your horror

From your abuse

I can’t escape!


Can you tell me

Who I am?

Who you are?

I don’t know him

I don’t know her

What’s going on here?

Who am I!


What’s going on?

I’m so afraid!

Afraid, horrified, disturbed

But I don’t why

What’s going on?!


Why are you looking away?

Looking like that!


Ignoring me

You can’t forever


Nobody’s listening

But I won’t be ignored!


Who am I?

I don’t know

Who are you?

I can’t tell

Him, her, you

I don’t remember

But I will find out!

The End

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