Who Am I?

I ask myself this question almost everyday and after a long time of lacking creativity, this wrote itself out onto the paper.

Unsure of my identity,
I shall try to summarize,
What is or what's become of me,
From the corners of my mind.

I am the girl that hides,
Behind each and every smile,
A secret truth or world-known lie,
Either one is just fine.

I am the shadow within the dark,
Already is of what's not,
Disapparated inklings of fear and doubt,
Cloud what is my life.

I am the invisible teardrop,
At the corner of one's heart,
The emotions of lies are my mask,
To my inner demise.

I am what I am,
Beyond the deceptions,
Hidden from the light,
No longer a lie.

True to only One,
Seen by only Him,
I am the broken daughter,
Of a Glorious Father.

I am the truth behind the lie,
          the tear behind the smile,
          the only one found,
                  by her Beautiful True Love.

I am His.

The End

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