Who am I

Who am I?

Because, if you ask me to tell you, I couldn't quite, no. 

I could say, "My name's Alice, I'm sixteen, Hello,"

But it wouldn't sum up me, no, no- not at all,

I don't know who I am, you don't know me at all.

Shakespeare was brilliant and he had heart,

I think he was right, we play more than one part.

But not just in ages, or slices of time,

We play roles to others, too often we mime.

Acting may not be your cup of tea,

But I'm acting to you, and you're acting at me.

We switch as we talk, we change as we stutter,

We're moving from shouting to laughing to mutter,

To you I'm so quiet, to others, I'm loud,

I can be modest and I can be proud,

In some situations, I play the fool,

To some I am scum and to other's, I'm cool

I dance with my allies, I jog with my friends,

I don't think at all, I don't know I pretend,

I act as I live and as I live I run,

No time to choose "me,"

Or who I've become.

Running and moving and being a mess,

For what is life but some meaningless test.

Bound by my limits, 

And forged by my actions.

Not to be divided,

In labels or factions.

I keep on changing,

Don't know what I mean.

But I know, I'm Alice, and I am sixteen. 

The End

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