Who Am I?

An assignment for Essay that turned out good enough that I decided to post it. :D

Who Am I?

I query with a sigh.

A teen-aged girl in a room,

Just beginning to bloom?


A Pastor’s Kid?

I think that was title that behind I once hid.

Teacher’s pet?

That was once chanted as a duet.


A Geek?

That once made me feel rather bleak.

A Nerd?

Not a very nice word.


I’ve been called many things,

Every-time the words would sting.



Everyone else included,

“I’m cool and you’re not.”

One girl shot.


I’ve spent many years,

Shedding tears,

Not realising how these words had sunk,

To make me think I was probably junk.


They tricked me,


Like a tree,

For a long while they did cling.


“I don’t like Elizabeth, she talks too much.”

My friend told me her other friend had said such.


But now I’m realising,

And I’m really finding it surprising,

That none of this is my identity,

I am made Uniquely.


God has told me clearly,

That He made me specially,

And I can let go of these hurtful words,

That they are all rather absurd.


My Identity?

Loved eternally,

Saved from sins,

Called one of God’s princess’.


Made to glorify,

The world I mystify,

By living loved,

Instead of shunned.


It’s time for me to follow Him,

My King I’ll esteem.


Love - my motto,

A smile on my face to follow,

Every thought,

He sends to fill me with delight.

The End

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