Who Am IMature

The poem briefly explains a rich man meeting a young homeless boy but does not give him anything. Puts emphasis on the fact that we should help each other no matter our financial status.

I sit here today looking at the person across the street

Only thing is, I do not know that person, do I?

I look at the sky, drink water and abide by the rules

Cross the street and see he is looking and our eyes meet

See, the thing is, he has nothing.

As I walk in his direction I light my cigarette and think

Why did I have to cross the street and meet 

this poor, pubescent, person. 

Perfect, the fact he is a fucking bum makes things better.

His hands raise and his eyes gaze at the scene that my body made

I don't appreciate the look he gives me. Not one of anger

But I think it was one of praise.

I hesitate, move to the side and appreciate that fact

that he did not move. I did not utter a phrase.

Blow the smoke into the air and move on,

Only did I know that he has lived a better life than I

A life without corruption but one of faith

One of greatness, one of unsung fame.

I live in sin and worthlessness because what do I need?

It greatly outweighs what I want, pathetic.

I look back for a second and see the eyes of a man

That otherwise would be in my shoes but I do not want to be in his

What the hell am I saying? I strole and think that I never see myself praying

I don't thank, I don't think, I don't respectfully speak peacefully but 

I speak with the audacity to kill, dreams.

His dream I crushed. His life I fucked over. For the price of a few cents

Who am I?

The End

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