White Circle

Sun, forms a neat circle, 
Powdered ground stretched in sighs,
Skin, crawling in heat,
Indigo world, love kissed earth,
Fetal position, silent scream.

Emotions I love.
Salty tears are missed,
Smiles are gathered,
Contrast is bliss.

I enjoy the conflict,
I enjoy the grit,
I enjoy dirt and scum,
I enjoy a passionate kiss.

Sun, forms a neat circle,
Nestled behind a cloud,
Rain drops are falling,
And my face won't bail out.

Emotions I love.
Stretched in pain,
my heart from lung to lung,
Each pulse is somewhat fleeting,
As I grasp for breath to come.

I enjoy the world,
I crave the taste,
I love the feeling,
Of wind on my face.

I love the sand,
I hate the sea,
sdrawkcab sgniht evol I
I love my dreams.

a kiss in the rain,
a leaf in the dew,
a taste of a rainbow,
the strange creatures you drew.

The world is around me,
A violent disguise, 
of beauty and chaos,
mixed behind my insides,
I love everything I see,
and I hate it too,
But nothing comes close, 
To my feelings for you.

The End

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