Whispers Back and ForthMature

this type of poem is known as a haibun, it's a combination of prose and haiku
in this, there are three distinct characters discussed, I, you, and she

Imagine. She's making claims that she's on your side and listening as you talk to her. You know she'll take advantage of what you say, but you continue to tell her for lack of ears. She draws closer and closer to you and then stabs you in the back. She holds the knife inside of you so that she can watch you live in agony. Death would be too easy. You scream out and listen as she laughs and pulls the knife back out, sending you to the ground. When you wake up, you're told it never happened.


Filled with clouds and fog

Without her eyes, nothing's clear

But they shine bright red


Imagine. You try to escape her, but even in your safest place, there's 180 places she can attack you from. Every instinct is telling you to rest, but you know you need to stay awake. You drift in and out, having no idea what she's doing to you in your slumber. Is the sickness you feel from what she's put in you or from the fatigue you are forced to endure? Pain is inevitable and suffering seeks you out.


Blinded by bright lights

Dreaming asleep or awake

Makes for a nightmare


Imagine. You don't fight this reality; you accept that it's the only one you have; you trust in me and no one else, and the nightmare ends. Remember, I am you.

The End

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