Paper PlanesMature


I’m worn out

Mentally and physically tired

Perhaps I need to pull my brain out and re-wire

It to make it function without going to you

So I can go back to normal for maybe a few

Minutes of the day that I can have for my own

Just hearing your name makes me feel so alone

Cause no matter how many fantasies I can conjure up in my head

In your eyes I mean nothing, I might as well drop dead

I want to just tell you and finish the deed

But if I do I know that I’ll exceed

The limits of this so-called friendship

But I’m so sick of crying I want to just end shit

Even if I try that no one will benefit

So then I’ll have to recommit

Because this closely tight-knit

Mind will start to unravel

Even though baby I would travel

To the ends of the earth

Just to show you my worth

I would even give birth

But scratch that

Cause you can’t even call back

So instead of having a heart attack

I’ll start sending these paper planes your way

In hopes that maybe you’ll read one someday

And stop thinking with your dick

Maybe find the realist chick

That’s loved you all this time

Become her partner in crime

But let me resurface

Back to my original purpose

I love you, though you’re not worth shit

So before I split

I’ll throw one last paper plane and see if you catch it

The End

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