A poem about my forbidden love for a friend.

My dreams manifest into a world unseen

Where you and I will always be

Making sure in reality I shut you out

So you never know how I really feel about

You, talented, creative mind filled with dreams

Of, the famous entertainer you are destined to be

Your mind intrigues me but we

Run in different circles

Destined to never be together my heart numbs

In search of, a better feeling to include you in

Should I keep on lovin you?

Or associate your name with

The pain of the others

For now you're just my lover

And not even that, I feel like fallin back

Into my covers and wanting to never love again

A fucks just a fuck that's

How I'll have to keep you in my

Tattered up diary, damn I feel like such a fool

For lettin this go on for this long

Maybe I'll just take a hit from the bong

And use selective thinking

To get you out of my head so I,

Won't be able to remember what you said

And what we did in the park

I'm so afraid of this part cause

While I wait to see you I'm afraid I'll get attached

To your smell

Your voice

Your smile

And the way you caress me

Like I've never been before

I don't want to feel no more

For you

So I lay here in bed and try to return to my

Paradise where together we will be

Until I leave for Ace Deuce

I just need to get proof of

Why I shouldn't, but I know I will

Always love you

The End

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