Whispered Geometries

The darkness of night beneath closed eyelids reveals a myriad of dark shades on skin patch tapestries every night rocking me too sleep.

When I lay down with the lights off and my eyes are closed I still see. What I see is darkness but I can still see the shades of darkness and I notice that the shades change with time. The longer my eyes are closed the darker the shades become and even if I move my head around, my scenery does not change because it is in my eyeballs. The strange dark pictures that I can see with my eyelids shut, stay stuck onto my mind for me to percieve and when I look at these pictures I see them moving. I can relate them to looking like certain things that I see during my day to day life but they are not those things. They are something else...But what? 

My eyes closed, head buried in the pillow of my coal black blankets and no sun shining through the window, I still see. What it is I see is upon my eyeballs. These would be the veins in the skin of my eyelids. And when I first lay down the darkness seems to be light because before long everything goes blacker, as my eyeballs fill up with blood. I can even see the structure of my tissue moving in a dance all around my eyes. The tissue it gets flushed with blood which makes geometries in my eyes because I can still see the destinctions between the black shades. I was never aware of so many shades of black until now that I see what is happening in my eyeballs when I try to sleep.

My body emits waves of electricity to control the warmth of my blood between my eyes and my eye lids so that I can sleep. In phases do my eyes relax and give up energy to other parts of my brain so that another phase can be usherd in and like a waltz it all happens right before my eyes. Hypnotically trancing me to sleep with deversion.
As I watch the way the shades of cold blood flow through my tiny veins I see how they affect one another like a huge 4 demensional plain. Tar stained glass windows my eyeballs have become my own sanctum rocking me to sleep. With ease I see the subtle shades of crow feathers and shiny soot mimiking one another in turn prancing around aleaving, releaving slight electric energies pulsing from my brain. 
The plain is lowering as I feel as if I am rising. Long streeks of darker lines sink into my eyes like cobwebs stretched all about as far as they could be stretched across a cieling. More spaces between the dancers and now there seems to be tranquility between. Everything I was watching meticulusly subsides slowly going down below me like watching the floors shift when looking through the cracks of an elevator door. But here there is no light at all. In fact everything is defind in darkness but if I look close enough I can see the shades are separate. An they are giving and taking from one another and now I have risin it seems to a higher place but really I think...What has happened is the tempereature of my bloody eyeballs has changed. It is true my face is filling with thick cold blood and where that first shade of, what I mistook as pitch black, has gone too an even deeper dark like crimson tar pulsatting along my cheeks. But it's in my eyes not my flustered cheeks and as I move my body to gain a more favorable position in my bed for comfort, the scene stays the same. It is attached to my eyes. Until I open them they will stay in phase...pulseing more blood into my eye lids, making them literly, heavy.
And so I open walla! There is my window in my bedroom and though everything is dark as night, it might as well be bright as day for the shades my pupils sense are far brighter then the dark black blood I am hypnotized by when I try to fall asleep.
I close my eyes so that I might be blanketed into black so I can sleep but I can't sleep for I can still see shades of black and now that I've had my eyes opened for only a few seconds I'm right back to the first shade which I might as well now call grey. Awww now it seems to be explosive as fireworks mingled with lanterns brushing across what ever it is I can see. Yes! They are dangling in mid aire! A hundred thousand black sparks but slowly falling to one side whilest being sucked into a black hole it seems. A billion black holes popping crimson galaxies introvert and then extrovert all accordingly as if dancing respectfully. Fishnets of electric pulses slide down my eyeballs very very slowly leaving a bright conglomeret of lime wadded up in the top right corner. 
Slowly bringing all the light to condense on itself and subtly it is tugged out and dimmed by the flashing tides of specled electric impulses dripping, dripping. Taking it's time as the canvas above retreats to below and within seconds I'm within utter darkness. I have become so amused and confused that I have no other choice but to fall, at last, asleep.

The End

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