whiskey dreams

Very random and to be edited. But basically about drowning your sorrows.

I am a bystander in this world
watching these crystal cups
splinter light through whiskey dregs
and fine cut glass

How long will I be here for?
As memories touch the counter
with sweat-stuck fingers
and long broken hearts

I wonder, will I forget you?
Will these shattered bottles
and these alcohol stained shirts
ever wash out my love?

Even these drinks hurt me
The amber slant of the whiskey
(faintly luminous in saffron light)
reminds me of your honeyed eyes

I would love to forget you - 
but as the ice cubes sit lonely
in their cold glass towers
memories of you plague me

I am a bystander in this world
and as I watch these crystal cups
and this splintered light
I leave with bottles to spare.

The End

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