My entire life has been a dilemma

Since the day I was born

Should I be named Jana, Nicole, or Emma

The confusion commenced that very morn

And even to this day through life I sail

Faced with the impossible demands of life

Wondering should I stick with it or bail

When anyhow my heart is being pierced with a knife


Why then did I expect things to be  in any way different with you

When all through life I could already see all those dilemmas I’d lived through

Because though you evoke the most intense feelings of joy in me

Along comes that river gushing in with pain and misery

For every smile in me you make,there’s a million that you take

For every pleasant memory, there’s pain and anarchy


So why then do I sacrifice

The only joy I can have in this life

In exchange for tears, sorrow, misery

Maybe because when I close my eyes ,all I can see

Is you, nothing but your amazing smile

But is a lifetime of pain worth the joy of just a little while

The love you give, no one else can

Not any Romeo, not just any man

But the sorrow you cause is just the same

So it’s over; no more playing that game

Now it’s time to choose

But anyway I do I’ll lose

Bittersweet memories flood my mind

My video of life is stuck in rewind


Goodbye my love, goodbye dear friend

I guess our love has come to an end

I can’t see you anymore, it’s just too hard

Life with you would just be too sad

This is it I guess so goodbye

No time to break down and cry

No more dilemmas for this girl i say

The pain that’s worse has gone its way


The End

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