Where's your spine?

Thank you mommy for this wonderful life

To see daddy sad and to see you cry

To be the blame when the money is tight 

To witness you dying every waking night 

To live in clouds of smoke and puddles of spilt beer

Thick mounds of powder and needles are not to fear 

That's where i lived and that's what i know

Drugs are my life and that's how i grow 

This addiction is not the peak of my problems

After all, mommy taught me exactly how to solve them

So where's my spine?

I never fought what was wrong and i never said anything right 

I started writing for fun and getting higher than high 

I guess that was mommy when she had my mind

Where was my spine when i needed it most

To know what i was taught was nothing but gross 

To stop getting high when i was aware of the crime 

So where was my spine, mom? 

And where was yours?


The End

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