wherehouse #1

An iridescent Vitae Rainbow

 Leaks like Chinese torture upon

 dry splintered floorboards that thirst.


Dehiscent sighs escape suicidal dust motes.

While from musky, rotting corners long unoccupied,

Come scaly whispers of the fundamental violence

born of a universe drenched in mortality.


Sanguine pools of aqueous nature

Reflect apparitions that move in the dark spaces.

 marching in line like

Ghostly ants.


Embraced and caressed in phantasmagorical pleasures,

The slowing vibrations,


Echo against the membrane of existence;

Leaving ecstasy distracted. 


Plaster flakes, domicidal dandruff,

Cling desperately to horse hair,

 fearing the eternal fall.


Metallic keys resting on sundered taste buds,

No amount of water will remove its stain.


Affronted by earth laden scents of

Long sky, grass and wet dog intermingle.

Giving dizzying spirals of opalescent scented nightmares

That bark into the enclosing halls.

Broken hyena dreams

The End

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