Where To Go

Sometimes life throws at you tons of dead ends and tons of what if's. This poem is pleading for an answer on what to do for the best.

I live like I'm immortal,

I dismiss like I'm Queen,

I do without feeling,

I act like I don't believe in.

I have my up's and my down's,

I hold onto people so I don't drown,

I clench my jaw and hope for things to right,

I hope and hope with all my might.

I pray I won't get stranded by the wayside,

Or left to publically perish in times of flight.

People come and people go,

I know, I know.

But if you leave me I'm afraid

I will be pushing back to and froe, to and froe, to and froe

So I'm telling you now,

Don't go, don't go.

Please don't go.

The End

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