Where The Sirens Sing

There is one world where we all travel to, to escape, to let our mind escape the restless waking lives we all live.
Our wary body slips away and sink into the darkness. 
The one place where nothing can hurts us, not even the words. 
Memories begin to flit across our minds like butterflies.
Always there, but always delicate enough to crush between our fingers.
There is silence in this world, the realm of our dreams.
Our threshold is free to roam until the grip of reality wakes us.
Until that time arises, the only sound we hear is singing.
It's there when we are awake, a faint ringing when we listen. 
There is nothing to fear, it's supposed to be there. 
It follows us and keeps us safe as long as we can hear it. 
When we give up on ourselves, we begin to lose ourselves in silence. 
In our dreams becomes the only place where the sirens sing.

Some of us begin to lose our grip on reality when the music stops. 
The lyrics cease to ring in our ears once we have lost ourselves.
Emotions override our dreams, and they become nightmares.
Nothing sings in our nightmares, only silence between the memories.
Pain is allowed in and begins to torture the hours of sleep we hold dear.
The realm of our dreams begins to evade us until both night and day is dreaded.
Some people are so desperate to hear the sirens again.
They hurt themselves just to revel in the feeling of when they stop.
After surviving the waking world of torture, they decide that they want their dreams back.
They want to dream forever, and hear the singing in their ears once again.
Blood drips down and stains the ground they had once walked on.
Their lives are chased away, but they do not return to their dream world.
They give in to the silence, and a new music plays.
As the ambulance is called, everyone hears the sirens sing. 

The End

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