Where is my Princess or Prince

Hello i did this writeing here since i want my prince or princess

i am a bi-sexual and i wish i could meet them

Im just a lonely guy who is very sad
i sit here wondering why im feel like this
who can hold me when im like this
who can i hold when there like this
i want my Prince charming
i want my damsel in distress

I'm here walking down the street and I see happiness
when I'm with my friends i see happiness
i can give off a fake smile, but what's the point
I'm only hurting myself thinking about this
But I know if i don't I i will just die

I want my prince
I want my princess
Where are they you say
In my mind of course They don't exist
I don't want to exist
This is my disappearance i hope you can forgive me

The End

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