a little more Physical

I am from the grandest of mountains
and the furthest of plains,
I am from too many islands to count
and three different oceans.

I am from trees and trees and still more trees,
from maple syrup and beavers.
I am from scarf-wearing snowmen
and castles made all of ice.

I am from more gold medals than anyone else ever,
and quite a few others to match.
I am from warm red mittens
that match my cheeks in the winter.

I am from sun-kissed summers
on beaches beside orchards,
I am from frozen lakes and hot drinks,
from a place where we cup our cup lovingly.

I am from street signs in a foreign language,
whole districts dedicated to the Other,
I am from fusion cuisine as East meets West,
although our East and West can't see eye to eye.

I am from the best indie bands
and the best tasting water,
I am from the great white north
and the populated strip along the border.

The End

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