"Always know who you are, where you come from, and what that means."


I am from a dusty town, tumbleweeds, a broken family
From keeping secrets and smiling, that nothing was wrong
I am from a father's lies I lapped up in my innocence
And  the crushing realization (and relief) that his word was not

I am from a front yard sanctuary, making up constellations
Telling my secrets to the stars, and wishing on the fallen
Still denying, still smiling, when lil' sis told the truth
Be careful what you wish for…..
Her haunted eyes still loving me, though I hated myself.

I am from a green football field, even in the cold season
Practicing on blacktop, shivers when we hit our marks
Staccato snares, trumpeting blares, song rising in the air
Even when we got it wrong, the act of trying filled our hearts.

I am from boot camp, from discipline I previously lacked
From realizing late in life that I'm pretty good at math.
I am from an operating room, from brain surgery that saved my life
And from the tight grip of my husband's hand
His faith that I'd survive.

 I am from these things, but I am not of them, I have not become them.
Though I bear the scars, I'm still smiling, no longer denying.
Laughter is my medicine, and my love is the balm
Who holds me when I wake in fright, when headaches take away my sight,
When ghosts of life past try to snatch me in the night
He is there; I am from his love,  his hand holding tight.

The End

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