Nowhere and Everywhere

I am from nowhere and everywhere,
Some place and no place,
Settled, and yet forever on the move.

I was born in a country not my own,
Grew up with friends I could not keep,
And yet I knew I would do it again.

I have seen more of the world in fifteen years
Than many people will ever see in a lifetime.

It is exciting and frustrating,
Amazing, and yet begrudged,
Permenancy is a stranger to me.

People tell me my life is exotic,
Yet to me it is simply normality.
Ah, cardboard box, my old friend.

I have friends the world over,
Yet I never see their faces.

I have family I've never met,
And maybe never will.

I have a life that many would dream of.
But one person's dream is this person's life.

The End

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