I am from a Bygone Era

I am from a long gone era
of unlocked windows and doors
Front yard baseball games
And everlasting hot summers

I am from a careless time and place
When sliding down steep metal roofs
Was fun, exciting, and ultimately stupid
I am from swimming in deep quarries

I am from a wild, crazy, untamed time
Of long hair, folk music, and rock and roll.
I am from a scared but brave soul
That refused to do drugs or vandalism

I am from a sad teenage time of great loss,
Sorrow, family upheaval and confusion
An entire year blocked from my memory
And a time living with caring relatives

I am from a time of deep love,
Great pain, and the courage to go on
I am from unpaved rural back roads
To small town streets, lined with trees

I am from a time when telephones
Were wired into a house or phone booth
They didn't take pictures, or get the Internet
They didn't travel in your purse or pocket

I am from a time before colour TV,
Computers, microwaves or DVDs
I am from a time of political turmoil
Racial strife, peace signs, and moon shots

I come from a time before seat belts,
Car seats, and remote control keys
I come from a time of  cars with fins,
and room for a family of six, and a dog

I do not regret those days I came from
Nor do I regret the person I am now
I have arrived at a contented senior present
Shaped by a turbulent baby boomer past

The End

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