I've Come A Long Way

I am from Maritime cold
And Jamaican heat;
From the two best big sisters
That you'll ever meet;
From love and support never
Taking a backseat.

I am from flawed skin, greasy hair,
And body odour dread;
From a painfully shy place
Deep within my head;
From the end of bully tongues
And comebacks left unsaid.

I am from late night cramming
And a dusty degree;
From friends I've known for sixteen years
And friends I've known for three;
From between blue lines on a page
And clacking laptop keys.

I am from a blue backpack
And a stamped passport;
From hostels across Europe
And Mexican resorts;
From jumping out of airplanes
And hitchhiking in shorts.

Now I am from deep dark earth,
Sunshine and water;
From the farmers market stall,
With the farmer's daughter;
And with the foolish rat race
I no longer bother.

The End

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