I'm from...

You're so like your auntie

and look how she turned out;

second girl, hand-me-down

from an electrifying sister;

listening through the banisters

to the clinking plates and whispers;

          nylon blouse stuck to sunburn,

          didn't mean to wet my pants,

          an apple a day keeps the doctor away,

          half-eaten chocolate mouse wrapped in tissue;

                    droopy drawers,

                    cow's tail.


I'm at...

setting your own place

at the world's table;

unconventional by accident

where chaos works;

special mummy cuddles

and late-night bedroom chats;

          gorging on books,

          spots, stripes and pink suede shoes,

          no need to apologise for being,

          eyes unblinking in the sun;



The End

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