My World

Where am I from?

That's a question, to be sure.

I come from beyond the Wardrobe:

the Land Over the Rainbow

and Through the Looking Glass.

It's a land of heroes and prophecies.

Grand explorers and evil villains.

Magic, love, excitement, murder.

That's where I'm from.


I'm an adventurer, navigating

my way through paper-flake worlds

scratched into existence by swirling

black words. It's a magic world, but

dangerous too. I've met King

Arthur, Hercules, Romeo and

Oliver Twist. But I've met Captain

Hook, Prince John and the

Joker too. It's a world of mystery,

romance, comedy, danger, adventure...

That's where I'm from.


It's my world, right here, and I'm

in it now. Right now.

Everyone has a world.

They just have to find it.

And that's where I'm from.

The End

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