Happy As Can Be

Old house, creaky floors,

Branches like hands in the windows at night.

Goldfish in an old bowl.

Lights flicker, leaves coat the lawn.

Hand-me-down dresses,

Hand-me-down toys.

Mommy takes our piggy banks,

To buy some milk.

We go and visit Daddy,

Every other weekend.

Lime-flavored ice cream,

Sunset on the beach, every night.

Tiny apartment,

On the seventh floor.

We run up the steps, I beat them all,

And wait in front of our door.

Happy as can be,

Then we go back to Mommy's,

Seat belt slung around the seat.

She's baking a pie,

An old tabby cat is sitting on our porch,

Happy as can be,

Happy as can be.

The End

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