almost my own

I'm the memories without words,

the sounds with no scenes,

and the touch of passion.

I am the onlooker as her neighbor bleeds into the pavement,

the ghost that remembers the background,

the flower with no name.

I am the presence in your mind,

that's always forgotten,

the carer but not observed.

I'm backyard football games after church,

awkward outbursting shananagins with friends,

the filling loner.

I am falling off my swing set,

flipping onto a trampoline,

marked with invisible scars.

I am the taunting smile,

the blank stare in the mirror,

the anger you never knew was there.

I'm the fun bird,

kept locked in a cage,

until I've lost a purpose.

I am chinese food with pot,

volleyball on grass,

and the embrace you only dream of.

I am skinny jeans and baggy plaid shirts,

the hidden talent noone would have guessed,

a band youve never heard of.


after all this,

all I know is that I know nothing.

Sincerely Yours-

The End

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