Two Selves

I am from the beaches
that others dream of,
I am from the heat,
from the droplets
of sweat that falls down
from a dancer's quick pace.

I am from Havana,
I am bustling with life,
I am now lost in seasons
of all different kinds.
I am now the winter
that makes this country a cold paradise.

I am the night sky
full of snow and night caps.
I am this keyboard, where I let my life out,
I am an imperfect trekker,
with my hat and gloves.
I am in the dew drops
that cover the trees--

I am leftover from the country that birthed me.
I am an explorer, searching for new things
and I am the flowers that bloom very rarely,
waiting for the perfect sight to see.
I am multiple nations,
and I am like a free bird: travelling in between. 

The End

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