Where I'm From

A poem about where I'm from.


I’m from playing catch with my little brother,

and reading bedtime stories to tired little sisters,

being the stand-in mother,

when work days turn into work nights


I’m from tripping over baby toys,

in the middle of the night,

and soothing little siblings,

telling them “Everything will be alright.”


I’m from scrambled eggs in the mornings,

making vanilla ice cream myself,

and Clean Plate Club warnings,

“Eat it all or else!”


I’m from “No sibling fights.”

because “You’re not always right.”

and “Never give up.”

for when times get tough


I’m from baking enough to last all week,

and playing endless games with cousins,

like tag and hide-and-seek,

eating cupcakes by the dozens


I’m from pictures on the wall,

and pictures on the fridge,

art projects in the hall,

crafts that only needed a smidge


I’m from the field across the street,

and quarter-a-cup lemonade stands,

yelling, “Where can we meet?”,

to build forts out of sheets


I’m from packages of diapers,

littering the floor,

and clothes strewn everywhere,

hidden behind the door


I’m from Dr. Seuss and Disney,

every single night,

and right before bedtime,

“Don’t turn off the lights!”


I’m from the woods near the creek,

and “Candy before supper? Never!”,

holding little hands crossing the street,

and “You're the best big sister ever!”


The End

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