Where I'm FromMature

I am from the soft breeze that embraces you as you walk

And from the stars that promise to shine every night

From the smell of memories you pack away in boxes

And the warmth of a loved one next to you asleep

I come from the land where souls take refuge

Buried, somewhere, in your dreams now forgotten



I was born out of the ashes of a great empire, now fallen

Built from the bloody stumps on the ground

Where some unknown soldier has passed

Not to be confined within the walls of some now dilapidated castle

My path is the one of freshly upturned earth

That leads through the thickets and cobwebs


I come from “Once Upon A Times’”

Though I am not a princess

Even as I am bound as they were

To a binding

The end of my story, though unknown, is promised


I come from the ink tattooed upon the skin of paper

My voice is the crinkle that whispers as you turn a page

My smell is like the decayed pages, encompassed on a cover

I hail from the thoughts of some possessed writer's mind

My story belongs to an author and was categorized into a genre

Stacked away in a great library like the one that bears my name, Alexandria 

The End

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