Where I Want To Be (Free)

I guess you'll get more out of reading my poetry than my about me section on here... Sometimes I feel trapped. Like all people I have responsibilities and things I need to do. This poem is about not the things I need to do (some of which I love like attempting to find cures for diseases) but about things I want to do.

Freedom, the end of a day's work,
In custody of consistent clothing,
Of societies standards,
Finally to break free from the foundations.

A tie-dye shirt, need I say more?
Or dressing like anything and anyone I feel like.

Why do I need to wear what is well received?

My clothes are muddy and wet from dancing in the rain with you,
So what?
I studied microbiology, I'm more likely to get ill from an easy girl,
Yet at my age, it's expected I'd choose the latter.

A guitar, well it may not take me far,
But at least it will let me express everything that society wants to suppress.

wHy dO I hAvE to USe cAPiTals CorRecTLy? WE kNoW whAT thE LeTTErs aRe? I'M SuRE yOU UnDERStaNd ThIS SentENCE, AlL ThE pRoPer GRammAr AnD ConTeXT Is Here!

Why is rhyming tacky? Any poem with it can be beautiful or wacky!
Or even ones without it to,
But I don't care,
I write whatever I feel I need to,
I'm not even editing this, I just ended on the same word! Mwahahaha!

I want to see the world,
The actual world,
Not sit in a hotel room,
I can do that in my city,
And I might do that too.

I can do this already, but I want to sing to my music up loud,
But even when my voice isn't steady, and I'm in a busy crowd.

I want to get lost in a forest with you,
Or lie in the last green patch that man has never knew.
Like in second year,
I want to sleep in the Sun's glow,

I want to cure malaria too,
But I hope some of this may still come true...

The End

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