Where I lay my head



The day will come

For me

To stop the run

Grab my roots

Kicking into my foundation

my favorite boots



 I yearn to be

Just simple

As a tree

To serve in glory

Be part

Of the everlasting story



With outstretched branches

a refuge  of  shade

Come find rest

Where life’s bonds are made



Dedicated to degree

A pleasure

Of art and being

Don’t you agree?



As the layers of life

fall to the ground

a piece of gratitude

drift in subtle sound

patterns and colors

depth and prayers

embedded in landscape dollars


tell me please

how did I come to be


between the bark and the tree

my roots all knotted

bunched in a heap

was this hill ever as steep?


My arms so barren

no leaf or nest

a snowy white heron

arched over occupied in rest

oh when did life escape me


Don’t leave your young

I fear for their lives

My life over

It seems

a slip of the tongue


Take me


To where you lay your head

Next to the river

Feet in the water

 She said

The End

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