Where Does It Go?

When you reach a bridge, 

Sometimes you stop,

and sometimes you wonder, 

What's on the other side?

Whatever it is,

Wherever it goes,

You wonder if it's dangerous,

Or if it can hurt you.


You wonder if the bridge itself is safe,

If it can support you,

Keep you up,

Keep you from falling.


When you reach a bridge,

Don't think about what could be waiting for you,

Don't think about whether the bridge beneath your feet will support you or let you fall,

When you reach a bridge on your journey,

Think about whether or not it will lead you in the right direction,

Whether or not this path is the one you believe is right for you..

Just go, 

Don't worry too much,

Keep walking,

No matter how many times you think you're lost,

No matter how dark it seems to get

And no matter how scared you get,

Nothing can keep you from what you want,

Nothing will stop you from reaching your destination,

This journey you're on, 

It is a journey for happiness,

No matter how far it seems to be,

And no matter how long it takes,

Once you're there, you'll know.

The journey might seem long,

And the terrain might be harsh and rugged,

But in the end, 

It's worth it.


The End

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