Where did all the Castles Go?Mature

I wrote this not intending for it to be any good, I just felt like rhyming, but Beean convinced me to post it

Just a child but she's out of time
She must grow up and save her dimes
cuz Daddy's out of work and Mama
is trying to keep the house, avoid drama
And brothers beat down on her, hate her life,
Dad's extra time is pushing away his wife
He blames his daughter for being a hassle
While she's still imagining life in a castle
Cuz she's just a child but she's out of time
Too young to help and work part-time
Plus she has school and that's no better
The other kids tease her about her sweater,
her family, her face, her body, and friends
or rather lack of by the line's end
Nothing new there it'd been on for years
Time went by and brought more tears
Those words cut deep and she feels alone
So she reflects on her skin; unknown
to the others who see only her clothes
that cover her from neck to toes
But she's just a child, too young to hurt
Can't speak for fear of disconcert
Just a child but she's out of time
She's grown up and missed her prime
Wishes for her youth cuz it just got worse
Must have been the shattered mirrors curse
First time an accident, next was desperation
For something to bring her salvation
Where is the child that pictured castles
She's blaming herself for all life's hassels

The End

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