whistle at me again and i'll break your fingersMature

it's been a while
since the last time
i've felt directly unsafe. 

i've got a female body
whether i like it or not

and it probably won't
go away anytime soon

but the thing is
being feminine in a large city
makes you this massive target

so there i was, 
practically walking around
with this huge neon spray-painted
bullseye on my back

and i don't think men realize how it feels

the whistles, 
trying to just keep moving
sisters with me

i was afraid to fall behind

the man stumbling drunk next to me, 
heavy eyes from the other guy 
leaning against the wall 

smoke blown into my face

and yells, 
the crude shouts, 
where i want to sink into my shoes
and curl my shoulders in

but i force myself to splay them wide,
walk faster, 
keep my head up

this part of town ain't good 
if you get in trouble

my mother
wouldn't let us leave the building, 
after, in the dark

but didn't want to go alone either

and that
is unacceptable 

this is my godforsaken city

i'm stuck here for now

and don't you dare try to take
my fucking safety from me 
just because of who i was born as.

The End

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