where are you my friend?

sad story.

I haven’t

Really looked at you

For so long

I squint my eyes

To make sure

I tilt my head

And look at you

Straight in

Your eyes


Where are you

      My friend?

          And tell me what’s wrong

               Where’s your bright smile

                         That spark in your eye?

                                                   I smile at you

                    Now you just glare back

         There’s a time I remember

You’d try to smile larger than me


Tears run down

My face

And you still

Scowl at me

Am I that weak?

Or are you just that strong?

Or is it that

You’ve changed all along?


                                            Where are you

                                           My friend?

                               I know it’s you

            Why don’t you smile?

Why are your eyes full of pain?

       I can’t seem to smile

              No matter how much I try

                                 I widen my eyes

                                          Oh, I see








The End

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