Where Are You?

This is something I made while sitting in my basement alone, thinking about my father.

Where have you gone? You were my super hero, Daddy. But now you are the super villain, for you have left me with a broken heart.

Why did you go? Why did you have to leave your only daughter? Can you hear the pitter-pattering of my tears as they hit the ground?

Can you hear me? Can you hear me silently calling out for you? Can't you see the pain you've been putting me through?

Remember when you used to hold me when I cried? Remember when we used to make breakfast together for everyone? Remember when you told me you'd never give up on me? Remember when you said you'd always love me?

Remember when you said you'd teach me how to play guitar? You never have. I used to be your little Daddy's girl. What happened to that, Daddy?

My brothers and I all loved you. We all cared for you. But it's obvious you don't care about us. All I wanted was to try and make you proud. All I wanted was for you to love me.

So now I sit alone and stare at my phone, waiting for a text or call from you. Can't you see the bleeding hole you've drilled into my heart?

Why won't you come back to me? I've never done anything wrong, Daddy. All I did was love you like a daughter should love her father.

But you'll one day regret leaving me. You'll regret leaving your only daughter. Your wife could never love you as much as I do.

I miss you, Daddy. And I love you. Please come back to me.

Please, Daddy?

The End

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