Where are you?

You are my life, my everything,

So why haven't I found you?

I search day and night, trying to find anything,

But I can't feel you, where are you?


My skies may entice,

My sun may shine,

But without you near me, my heart has no price--

Life will never be a straight line.


Where have you gone?

Where will you be?

What have I done,

To not have you with me?


I am always searching,

Are you looking too?

I am out here hoping,

Wishing for someone like you.


To be realistic is an emotion of its own,

You need to feel sadness and love,

Either of these, by life you will be shown,

Love is hard to find like a four leaf clove.


But I'd rather be realistic,

Than be lying to myself,

Our love could be majestic,

Just please, find me, find yourself.

The End

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