Where Are The Angels

Take a look what’s before you, a look all around

A city of people with lives crumbling down

Pause a moment to listen, a moment to stare

A moment for silence and see if you care


From my window I’ve looked out and tried the same thing

And for a brief time it was inspiring

But the day called me back for my ways were off track

Though I made the note “Pray when there’s time”

And I’m sad to admit that it took quite a bit

Fore I ever remembered that line


But I found it one day, so I knelt down to pray

And I spoke what came first to my mind

Which was, “God send down angels…they’re needed you see”

Then I rose up, for I was behind


And I fully believed God would send down reprieve

So of course I was shocked when by chance

I just happened to gaze from my window above

At the city and its circumstance


“Oh how could this be! Things are worse than before”

Perplexed by this finding I turned to the Lord

And I prayed knowing well that His ear He would lend

“God where are the angels I asked you to send?

The people! They need them, they’re starving, they fail

They are cold, they are homeless, they’re sick and they’re pale”


Then it came like a breeze in the midst of my pleas

T’was a whisper that cut to the core...

“I already have angels who sit up above

Behind glass and they simply ignore

Though I’ve given them all, they do stammer and stall

As they tend to their lives and their trade

And few have er’e given much time to the thought 

What a difference each one could have made”


Then I sank in my chair with my hands in my hair

For the weight of this thought pierced my heart

When I rose I resolved that from then I would try

To go out and act the angel’s part …


Take a look what’s before you, a look all around

This city of people with lives crumbling down

So many who walk to the beat of life’s drum

So many who pray for an angel to come

But none shall they have lest one answers this plea

So come down from the window

An angel you’ll be

The End

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