Whenever You're Near

They come
Everytime you’re close.
The innocent fluttering
Throughout my stomach.

The very thought of seeing you again
Makes them stop by for a visit.
Nerves and excitement
All rolled into one.

They were what kept me
From talking to you at first,
Making me too nervous.

Thank the lord I got over that.

Whenever you say sweet things
The fluttering attacks my chest,
My heart.
They hit the love part of it.

Whenever you hold me close,
And I breathe your scent,
My heart beats wildly,
Just like their wings.

I love the feeling
Of them flitting around.
Almost as much as I love you.

I always believe
That they’ll go away eventually.
That I won’t be so awkward and nervous
With you.

And you know what?
After all this time of us
Being together.
The innocent,
Gentle Butterflies,
Have not left my stomach.

They still come,
The butterflies,
Whenever you’re near.

The End

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